Where it comes from?

Living and working in Latvia – small, beautiful and very clean country located in Northern Europe. We have long winters and short summers – the reason our nature is robust and pure. Plants from Latvia are rich in bioactive compounds. That is our secret of tempering the body!
Latvians are hardworking and very responsible. Here a lot of people still lives into farmstead and grows pure, organic food. They grow tea, berries, fruits and many other agricultural products. It gives us an opportunity to use pure, organic ingredients rich in bioactive compounds into our products. We support local producers and most of the ingredients buy from local farmers. The most important for us is the quality of product and superior taste. We carefully select the raw materials and collaborate only with reliable suppliers. In men we trust.

How it happens?

Our product is DIVINE TEA. That is exactly what our attitude is towards ingredients, production process, nature and people. We are honest and careful in producing our products. Without competing against other colourful and sugary drinks we produce beverages to people who care about their health and can appreciate superior taste that is inspired from nature. Delicious can be healthy too! We deliver to our products superior taste and freshness from Northern meadow plants and berries. Our product contains only natural ingredients. Freshly squeezed juice and real brewed tea infusion combines in the most environmentally friendly packaging possible. Working together with scientists we develop every product with special care and attention to the consumer. Indulge DIVINE TEA and make sure yourself – healthy can be delicious! Cheers!